Cannabis Currency Review: HempCoin (3/5)

Hempcoin (THC)

Taking a different tact from other cannabis-themed coins, HempCoin is a digital asset designed to facilitate transactions between farmers, distributors, and dispensaries across the globe. Created in 2014 on Bitcoin’s source code, this coin is a 0% premined, proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that has been backed by shares of the publicly-traded Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc. (RMTN).

HempCoin has their own wallet for windows and is available on Bittrex. The fact that they received backing from a publicly-traded company may be impressive but the lack of a roadmap or any evidence of use in actual dispensaries doesn’t inspire a lot of hope for the coin’s long-term prospects. Last year the company launched a marketplace but it doesn’t seem to be available on the website anymore.

If you have any experience with HempCoin or information to share please comment below, thanks for reading!

This is the third in a five part series on cannabis-themed cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned tomorrow when we’ll be talking about CannaCoin!