Market Update: June 28, 2017

Market Update

The recent correction has shaken up the crypto-sphere and like miners panning for gold we’re sifting out the smaller, sandier bits and looking for the gems that turn up. Looking at coinmarketcap at the moment we have Ethereum, Stratis, Golem, Antshares, and Iconomi all up over 20-30%, which I interpret to mean that these are what the crypto-world sees as the best long-term investments. We’re seeing the strongest teams working on the most interesting applications stand out with the most growth. During times of uncertainty, traders go for the fundamentals; none of that speculative nonsense today! (Relatively speaking…)


  • Golem Mentioned In The New York Times
    Congratulations to the Golem Project for their first mention in The New York Times! The article also brings ICO’s onto the mainstream radar so I expect nothing but more impressive craziness on the ICO front.
  • Dash Evolution Roadmap Released
    Dash released an update on the launch of Dash Evolution. The plans include a lot of technical updates to give Dash the widest surface area possible for contact with financial applications. I’ve noticed an interesting trend developing with assets like Dash and Litecoin really driving technical developments while less sophisticated applications like POTcoin actually seem to see greater success (in the short-term, at least) by introducing specific industries to cryptocurrency and focusing on specific applications. Obviously a lot of the less sophisticated assets will die off sooner rather than later but there will have to be a point where more technical assets find user-friendly applications or user-friendly applications might start absorbing the tech talent. Just some random thoughts, but the roadmap is great news for Dash and I expect great things for them once we see the release of Evolution.

Trading Calendar

  • June 27: Stellar Lumens Giveaway
  • June 26-28: Money 20/20 Europe
  • July 1: Zcash launches on AlphaBay
  • July 7-14: London Fintech Week
  • July 28: Blockchain Conference D.C
  • Aug 1: Segwit on Bitcoin?
  • Aug 1: Lightning Network on LTC
  • Late Summer: Augur Launch
  • Late Jul/Mid Aug: Ethereum Metropolis
  • End of July: Lbry release

I would love to know what’s on your trading calendar! Please leave comments, questions, love, and suggestions below.