Market Update: June 21, 2017

Market Update

Ethereum is down to $330 after hovering around $350 for the past few days, most likely due to the announcement that 80% of miners have signaled for segwit 2x on bitcoin. This move has more to do with something good happening for bitcoin than something bad happening for ethereum, so I’m looking at this as a great buy opportunity but as usual, I’m not here to give financial advice. Please do your own research and share your thoughts in the comments because I love reading them!

Project Updates

  • Fog supercomputing project SOMN raised over $30 million in their ICO this week. SOMN will create a decentralized supercomputer offering processing power from the idle computing power of miners.
  • Ujo has created a blockchain-based platform for music sharing to help artists establish ownership of and get paid directly for their music. The website has a countdown to their next release and it appears we’ll get a peek at the platform in 22 days on Thursday July, 13.
  • Basic Attention Token released a roadmap this week! It looks like they’ll have BAT tokens integrated into the Brave browser so the browser can start rewarding publishers in BAT once enough choose to enable payments with the release of BAT Mercury later this summer.
  • An interesting project called Matchpool will release an alpha in the next few days with a platform allowing developers to create matchmaking DApps. I’m not sure how blockchain technology itself will improve matchmaking but I know that dating or hookup apps tend to be somewhat experimental and only appeal to specific groups of people depending on what you’re interested in so there’s plenty of room for better services to come along; I just have a difficult time seeing a new, successful dating platform.

Trading Calendar

  • June 27: Stellar Lumens Giveaway
  • June 26-28: Money 20/20 Europe
  • July 1: Zcash launches on AlphaBay


I would love to know what’s on your trading calendar! Please leave comments, questions, love, and suggestions below.