💰 The Ultimate Upcoming ICO Review: Starbase (STAR) – July 30, 2017 🚀

Starbase (STAR) is launching a crowdsourcing platform for decentralized fundraising and human resources management. The STAR token will be launched between September and December 2017 with ~2.5% annual inflation and be used to enable payments on the STAR network. The platform is due in January 2018. STAR will collect fees from the issuance of new tokens, initial sales, and when STAR is used to outsource labor on the platform. STAR also generates quarterly rewards.

The token sale begins on July 30 and payment will be accepted in Bitcoin and Ether. A minimum of $1,722,944 raised means $1 will get you 70.526 STARS, making STAR worth $0.014; above $5,318,834 means $1 equals 23.48 STARS or 1 STAR worth $.042. Contributions on day 1–7 receive a 20% bonus, 8–21 a 15% bonus, 22–35 a 10% bonus, and 36–42 a 5% bonus.

Founded by Tomoaki Sato with Yu Yamanaka as CTO, Ernae Luis and Gustavo Guimaraes heading up engineering, and Yasushi Sasajima as financial adviser.

Advisors include Eric Gu, founder of Viewfin; David Kurniawan, founder of REIDAO; Angel investor Chandler Guo; Dominic Williams, chief scientist at DFINITY and President/CTO of String Labs; and Hideyuki Takeuchi, Technology Adviser and CTO at Uzabase, Inc.


  • Distribution: Sale-dependent
  • Social Media (as of July 21, 2017): 18,094 Facebook followers, 24,400 Twitter followers, 52 LinkedIn followers