Top Ten Cryptocurrency Keywords — June 19, 2017

Google Keyword Trend Statistics for the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap

Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and IOTA seem to be getting the most interest this week. IOTA’s pretty new to the top ten so that’s not surprising. Litecoin saw a lot of attention this weekend due to Bitcoin’s turbulence and the addition of LTC trading to Bitstamp.

I’m not sure about Ethereum Classic but if you think about Litecoin as #2 to Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic as #2 to Ethereum, perhaps Litecoin’s bump got investors thinking about Ethereum Classic again. Ethereum continues to rise in popularity with rising expectations of the flippening occurring, the point at which Ethereum’s market cap overtakes Bitcoin’s.

    1. Bitcoin (BTC)
    2. Ethereum (ETH)
    3. Ripple (XRP)
    4. Litecoin (LTC)
    5. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
    6. NEM (XEM)
    7. Dash (DASH)
    8. IOTA (MIOTA)
    9. Bitshares (BTS)
    10. Stratis (STRAT)